College Questions

Earlier this week, I got together with a couple of friends who have graduated college and asked them some questions about it. These were their answers to the questions:

What caused you to get off the usual education track of high school and then college right away?

S: She was taught that if she didn’t go to college she would be stuck with a low paying job and not have a good life.
K: She didn’t have the funds to go.

Why do/did you want to go to college?

S: Her answer was the same as the first question.
K: So she can do what she wants to do.

What kind of support do/did you have from family and friends? (emotional, financial…)

S: Her mom helped her get a car, she didn’t have to pay rent, she carpooled with her boyfriend to and from school.
K: Her husband is paying for her college. He is very proud of her. She also got a couple of grants.

Who do you know from college that might benefit others?

S: She says anyone can benefit from college. But she did Running Start which she says is good for high school students who feel like they don’t fit in at high school and they want a better education.
K: She agrees with S.

What kind of job are you looking for?

S: She went to school to be a Hemodialysis Tech.
K: She wants to be an animator.

What kind of college will/did you start with?

S: She went to Pierce Community College.
K: She is currently attending The Art Institute of Seattle.

How long have you known that you wanted to continue your education?

S: She has known since she was a sophomore in high school. She did Running Start.
K: She has always known that she would one day attend college.

Can you speak any other languages?

S: She did take Spanish for 2 quarters but barely remembers any of it.
K: Nope. (Her word not mine)

Where do you work now?

S: She currently is employed at the Divitas Kent Dialysis Center.
K: She does not work. She goes to school full-time.


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