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Can We Find Balance in an Accelerating iWorld?

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Joseph Drumheller

by Joseph Drumheller

It’s official.  Electricity has finally taken over.

iThis, eThat, social hysteria, video, text, blog, apps, chat, drones, robots.  Who thought ten years ago that if you walked down a busy urban sidewalk, nearly everyone would be looking down at some rectangular illuminated universe.  Does anyone even look up from their ‘smart’ phones anymore?  Apparently, the Millennial that rear-ended my neighbor in an intersection a few days ago didn’t.

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Hello! I am Elizabeth and my goal is to help you connect better with each other! This is my first blog so please go easy on me.

A little bit about me: I work with Pine Winds Connections. I love my job and I love animals. I am an introvert. I am dating a member of the military, which has its ups and downs.

My goal as I said before is to help people better connect with the families of military members. This is very important to us at Pine Winds Connections. So the way I will try to do this is explain my personal experiences of dating someone in the military.

Being with someone in the military is like a normal relationship. But there are some things they are not allowed to tell you because they can’t for their safety and the safety of the country. You can’t have them with you all the time. There are times when you don’t hear from them and you can’t help but worry a little bit. But when you do finally hear from them, it’s a huge relief.

Communication is important! I cannot stress this enough. Letters, emails, postcards, I personally write my boyfriend letters and email him. I don’t hear from him every day, but I write him an email every day. My letters are written once a day at the end and at the end of the week, I put all of the notes together and mail them. I was told by my coworker who is a Veteran; she also runs the page that the letters can be mailed just like normal mail.

Hello world!

image006Welcome to Pine Winds Connections! We are really happy that you came by to visit. If this is your first time, you should know that Pine Winds Connection is a non-profit corporation that is dedicated to promoting positive, healthy connections between individuals, between groups of people, and between and within communities. Our goal is a more beautiful, united planet.

Initially, Pine Winds Connections took over some activities that were being done by Idyll Arbor, Inc. These included the donation of books on dental care (Dental First Aid for Families) to families in the military and families receiving assistance at food banks in King County, Washington. Idyll Arbor had also donated books discussing PTSD and TBI (Faces of Combat, PTSD and TBI) to all the Vet Centers in the United States as well as to every state VFW headquarters in the country and overseas. Today, Pine Winds Connections will donate this same book to Veteran’s Courts throughout the US and to veterans at the four or so veteran’s events held in Western Washington each year. As we continue to grow, we hope to expand our presence at veteran events to include the rest of the country.

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