Writing for Wellness Classes

Writing for Wellness is a focused writing program for people with serious illnesses and other tragedies, their family members, caregivers, and medical staff. Since 2001 participants in Writing for Wellness classes have come to write and to eagerly share their stories. Wealthy Hollywood writers and producers sit alongside the poorest of the poor. Racial, religious, and cultural minorities all write together, battling to survive, heal, and thrive.

Pine Winds Connections and Idyll Arbor support Writing for Wellness classes with free booklets to help interested instructors set up classes in their own community. Julie Davey and others here at Pine Winds Connections are available to offer support and guidance. You can contact us through the Writing for Wellness website.

You can find links to paper versions of the booklets here on writingforwellness.com. E-book versions are available wherever you get books your e-reader.