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Transgender Bathroom

Lately there have been a lot of articles on “Transgender bathrooms”. Personally, I don’t care if I share a bathroom with someone who used to be a man or someone who is currently going through the process of changing genders. These are people. How would you feel if someone told you “you can’t use the bathroom that you identify as.” I imagine most of you would feel uncomfortable and weird about it. That is exactly (I’m guessing) how the Transgender people feel.

These transgender folks are human. They are just like you, the only difference is they did not feel comfortable in the body they were born in. They didn’t feel like they fit in. Transgender people are sons or daughters. They have families, they have friends. They have a soul, a heart, dreams, wishes. They are (As i said before) just like you.

There are downsides to the whole thing. Some people can claim to be transgender and decide to go into the female or male bathroom and spy on you. Another concern is they will be harassed. I strongly urge you not to. That is just wrong and it’s horrible. Put yourselves in their shoes.

Transgender people already deal with a lot of bull crap, they don’t need to deal with anymore crap that people throw at them. Be kind and respect their life decisions. They respect yours.

Thanks for reading.