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Tips on how to handle difficult people

In this blog post, I will give you a few techniques for dealing with difficult people. I have gotten a few of my tips from this link. I have found it to be very helpful lately.

Some people will try to drag you down. It may be difficult to avoid this type of person especially if they mean a lot to you. If someone is trying to bring you down, don’t tune them out. If they think that you aren’t listening to them, they will try to be more forceful with their argument or rant. Try to put yourself in their shoes. If you can think like them, you might be able to understand what is upsetting them and help them out. Continue reading and add your comment


This has been a large debate for many years but for the past couple of months, people are making it into a bigger deal than it actually is. A dress code is there for a reason. They are not meant to oppress anyone! Yes, boys get away with it more often than girls, but boys are not wearing short shorts that practically reveal parts of you that should only be seen by yourself. If you follow the dress code then you will not be sent home and “miss school because of “unfair treatment””. Seriously people! Follow the dress code. It is there to keep you modest.

My old high school and middle school kept extra clothes in case there was a student who was not following the dress code. The student would have to put on an oversized shirt or sweatpants (They were always returned and put in a dirty basket then washed every other day) and then sent back to class. They would miss 5 minutes at most. If your school does not do this, maybe the student body can suggest this and then students won’t miss class.

The bottom line? Don’t be dumb and just follow the damn dress code!